Why Retrohale?

Picture of Terence Reilly
Terence Reilly

CEO at Aganorsa Leaf

How should you smoke a cigar truly to enjoy it? Everyone needs to make that decision for themselves based on their experience level and comfort zone. At the end of the day, it’s your cigar: enjoy it the way you want to! That said, if you want to experience the blend the way the blender intended it to be experienced, retrohaling is a must because all blenders retrohale while creating the various ligas. 

To be clear, retrohaling is not in inhaling (NOT A GOOD IDEA!). Retrohaling is simply blowing a small amount of smoke through your nose. Watch the attached video to see how this is done. It will totally change your perception of a cigar. If you find a cigar too mild, retrohaling will intensify it. If you find a cigar a little one dimensional, retrohaling will add complexity. Now if this is your first time retrohaling I suggest you do it only once or maybe twice. It can overwhelm you if you do it too frequently. But once you get the hang of it, retrohaling will radically change how you perceive flavor and aroma in your favorite smokes. It might even lead you to reconsider cigars you didn’t enjoy as much in the past or change your preferences in general.  If you decide to try it, send us a message with your thoughts!

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