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Terence Reilly

CEO at Aganorsa Leaf

At Aganorsa, Validation is the process we use to ensure quality and consistency and takes place from the fermentation stage all the way until we start shipping to retailers. In our distribution center in Miami, we perform the final validation test because at this stage, the cigar should be entirely ready for market and so every aspect from the packaging to the blend itself is reviewed. For instance, we look at the box to ensure it is correctly labeled and looks pristine. We examine the cigars to ensure they are of the right color and weigh the right amount.

Finally, we smoke to ensure the blend is consistent and delicious and the cigar is constructed well in terms of burn and draw. If the cigar passes all these checks with flying colors, it has been validated and is ready to ship. Validation is done randomly on existing brands and, more frequently and more intensely, on new lines before release. However, I would be lying if sometime we don’t grab a box of our favorite blends to smoke a few under the pretense of work.

That’s the beauty of validation, as it serves an important function in maintaining quality and it’s a pleasure to partake in. We encourage you to validate with us as well! Anytime you light up an Aganorsa don’t just smoke it: validate!  And make sure to tag Aganorsa in your posts when you do! Check out this video to see everyone from our farmers to consumers like you validating Aganorsa Leaf!

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