Aganorsa Leaf

Rare Leaf Reserve

Taste the Difference

Cuban-seed Criollo 98 dominant and bursting with spice, earth and a touch of sweetness, Rare Leaf utilizes tobaccos which are selected from special lots on our best farms.

Our Leaf is our Strength

Normally a cigar using such scarce leaf would be available for a limited time only but by granting access exclusively to our Aganorsa Select Retail Partners we are able to supply Rare Leaf all year long.


Blend Summary

Nicaragua Café
Banda y Capote
Aganorsa Leaf, Nicaragua
Aganorsa Leaf, Nicaragua

Sizes Available

5 x 52
6 x 54
6 x 60

Aganorsa Rare Leaf

The newest member to the Aganorsa leaf family. A blend with prominent influence from our Criollo 98 tobaccos.

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